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4.20 Change Reqiuest


The Project Plan is, essentially, a contract between the project manager and the project sponsor to deliver the project described in the Plan in accordance with its terms and conditions.  A project is rarely, if ever, delivered in strict compliance with the Project Plan.  The uncertainties (risk) characteristic of all projects virtually guarantee that changes will need to be made.  If they are the kind of changes that the manager needs to make, say to work assignments or methods, to keep the project on track, these are the kinds of changes all managers make routinely.  They do not require a formal change to "the contract".

If, however, it becomes necessary to change the project scope, either deliverables, sub-deliverables, or their associated functions, features, or quality standards, for example, or the project budget or schedule, or if new stakeholders who cannot be accommodated within the approved communication procedures or technology, then these things go to the terms of the contract.  A formal change is required.


A Project Plan

One or more Status Reports identifying a significant deviation from the approved Project Plan


An approved Project Change Request


The uncertainties that surround all projects mean that unexpected developments will occur as project work proceeds.  These will call for appropriate responses.  Some responses will involve rethinking, and ultimately changing, the approved Project Plan.  If these changes are made randomly, by different members of the project team at different times and for different reasons, the result will soon be no plan and the project will be, literally, out of control.  The Project Change Request, and the change control process of which it is a part, is designed to ensure that the project remains in control and that changes to the contract between the project sponsor and the project manager are properly assessed and approved.


1.    Review completed Status Reports and identify scope, time, budget, and other peformance varriances from the Project Plan.

2.    Review Project Plan and determine appropriate response to performance varriance.

3.    Prepare Project Chage Request, defining the nature and urgency of the proposed change.

4.    Assess the impact of the proposed change on project scope, time, cost, risk, and other relevant factors.

5.    Make recommendation on proposed or modified change.

6.    Submit recommended change to sponsor or change control board (Steering Committee or sub-committee of Steering Committee) in accordance with Section 15.0 of the Project Plan.

7.    Note action on recommended change; take action on approved changes, revising Workplan and Work Task Assignments accordingly.

8.    Note approved change request in Project Plan file or prepare revised Project Plan in accordance with Section 15.0 of the Project Plan.

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