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1.30 Project Overview Checklist


The Project Overview Checklist serves both the project sponsor and the project manager as an aid to memory and expectation clarification regarding what formal documentation will be required for a specific project.  The Overview Checklist should be completed through discussion between the sponsor and manager during the Initiating process, before the Charter is finalized, and reviewed/revised at the end of the Planning process to confirm requirements and serve as a stage or gate approval mechanism before proceeding to the project Executing process.


Decision Document or Business Case

Complexity Estimator

(at end of Planning:  Project Plan)


Project Overview Checklist


The Project Overview Checklist helps remind and focus discussion between the project sponsor and manager regarding a project`s formal documentation requirements.  It ensures shared expectations and reduces the likelihood that important documentation could "slip through the cracks".


1.    Obtain all documents (Decision Document, Business Case, Complexity Estimator, [final draft Project Plan])

2.    Draft Checklist, review with sponsor; revise as appropriate.

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