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3.10 Work / Task Assignment


The Project Work / Task Assignment template serves three related needs.  First, it ensures clear communication and shared expectations between the project manager and project team member regarding the dimensions of the work being assigned:  its scope; time lines; cost allowances; relationship to other work elements; etc..  Second, it provides a clear link between the Workplan, and the broader Project Plan, and the team member`s involvement in helping achieve project objectives.  As such it can serve to both motivate and track contributions.  Finally, it provides a basis for monitoring and reporting progress towards creation of the new product, service, or result the project was chartered to create.


Project Plan



A Project Work / Task Assignment


Research has found that virtually all internal project team conflict can be traced to either faulty communication or conflicting work schedules or priorities.  By making work expectations clear at the outset the Work / Task Assignment provides an opportunity to both clarify expectations and negotiate potential conflicts before they arise.  The contribution to a healthy team working environment would be difficult to overstate.


1.    Review Workplan and task completion to date.

2.    Review team member assignments and availability

3.    Draft Work / Task Assignment and review with team member.

4     Confirm and finalize assignment.

Project No.

Project Name:

Planned Task Completion Date:



Project Manager:

Task Number:

Project Aspect










Links & Dependencies

(WBS reference number)


Describe the element of project scope to be accomplished (the tangible outcome or product of this part of the work breakdown structure)

Indicate the intended start and completion dates for this task as well as the associated level of effort (e.g. 5 person days of effort over the period 10-20 September)

Identify any cost elements, beyond team member time, associated with this task as well as any associated accountability for costs

Identify all particular quality standards as well as any specifically required functionality

Indicate any team member responsibilities for managing the work of other team members, the agreed availability of these team members, and related communication and/or negotiation requirements.  Also identify reporting relationship(s) for this assignment.

Identify key internal and external communication requirements related to this assignment including status reporting procedures (cross-reference Stakeholder Analysis & Communication Planning Matrix as required).

Identify uncertain events, risk response strategies, and issue escalation procedures associated with this assignment (cross-reference Risk Register as required).

Indicate whether this task involves securing materials or services from external resources and, if so, identify the relevant Statement of Work and procurement specialist contact.

Identify the overall project benefits to which this assignment makes a contribution.

Identify the outputs of this assignment that make a contribution to other assignments;

Identify the other assignments which produce outputs required as inputs to this assignment.

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