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2.20 - Workplan


The workplan identifies all of the work (scope) to be accomplished and the human resources who will undertake the work and combines that information with estimates of the cost of doing the work and how long the work will take to be completed.  The result is both a workplan and a budget for the work.

A workplan containing this information is a minimum requirement for managing any project.

Process Inputs

Project Charter

Work Breakdown Structure

Effort and Duration Estimates

Unit Costs

Project calendar

Process Outputs



A clear plan that identifies:
1. what work needs to be done,
2. in what order tasks will be initiated and completed and how they relate to other tasks,
3. assigns responsibility for completing the work to specific team members, and
4. sets a budget indicating how much each task will cost and when the money will be required
is essential to delivering project results on time and on budget.

This workplan satisfies those basic requirements.


1. Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure using one of the Methodology Library models or create a format unique to your project; engage key members of your project team and review your WBS with the project sponsor

2. Determine the order in which tasks should be undertaken, identify all dependencies (project logic)

3. Identify the skills required to complete each task (work package) in the WBS, consult knowledgable individuals on how much effort (person days or other appropriate measure) it should take to complete each task

4. Enter task list on Task Sheet, include start and end dates for each task.  Build-in time for approval lags and other anticipated delays.

5. Enter task list and dates from Task Sheet in Team Sheet, assign team members by date range for each task

6. Estimate salary costs for each task for each team member, estimate task supplies and materials costs

7. Enter task list and dates from Task Sheet in Budget Sheet, enter task salary and other cost estimates by date range for each task

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